Sometimes a sexist joke actually proves the point for you.

kitchenFound this image floating about the webs. At first, it’s a “yeah, great, another sexist ‘get in the kitchen’ bullshit meme”, but the more you look at it, the more it works on many levels.

Is the original idea the sexist joke? I’m sure. But here’s the thing – the image, at its base, is a woman being carried off by police for what appears to be protesting.


Three (possibly four with the creeper in the back) men are carrying her away. Not escorting, not telling, physically removing her, all while she continues to yell. And somebody felt the need to make a lame joke about it, because, you know, a woman, standing up for her rights is funny.

And that’s the rub, isn’t it? That anytime a woman speaks out, she’s pushed aside, marginalized, and treated as a joke because, you know, it’s a girl. And the louder she yells for her rights, the more dangerous it becomes as men step in and become physical in order put her in her “place” —  the kitchen.

If this image isn’t the easiest way to describe sexism and misogyny, I’m not sure what else to use. 

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