Timothy Asher was raised by platypus in the wilds of the Sydney Zoo. Since this is in no way true and he cannot be trusted to write a bio, here are some things other people have said about Asher:

“[Asher’s] the most irresponsible responsible person I know.”
– Jaime, college roommate

“It’s [his] commitment to being contrarian that I enjoy.”
– Scott Harrell, lifeasweblowit.com

“He’s like an Evil Starter Kit.”
– Chrissy, bartender

“[Asher] is two steps away from a cabin on a mountainside and writing a manifesto.”
– Andrew Norcross, andrewnorcross.com

“[Asher is] like a Bobby Fischer, but with angry facial hair.”
-Bri, sarcasmically.com

“We were talking about hot guys around the office. [His] name never came up.”
– Coworker

“First I added you to a list called “Decent People” but then I could only find maybe five others. So now you’re in gen pop.”
– Christina Darling, @voodoodarling

“[He’s] my kind of creepy.”
-Colleen, bartender extraordinaire

“You have the best worst ideas.”
-Bri, sarcasmically.com

– Joey, joeyneill.com

The title of this blog is stolen from a line in Frank McCourt’s wonderful novel, Teacher Man: “When you don’t know your arse from your elbow, bet the arm.”