Cubicle Commando Safety Tip: Email Etiquette

When creating a link to a voter registration page on the company website, do not use “Vote, Bitches” as the headline. When a supervisor sends you an email asking to change said line, the following is not the appropriate response:

No. Vote, Bitches is much funnier. And XXX* said I could do it. And I like bitches. Bitches are great to have around the house. Jay-Z likes bitches. I mean, he got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. And without bitches we wouldn’t have puppies. You don’t want puppies to go away, would you? Not liking puppies is un-American. Why are you un-American, XXXXX*? What are you, some kinda pinko-commie?In conclusion, bitches = freedom.

Thank you.

* Names blocked due National Security. This message is Terror Color Code Plaid.

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