Listening to me is usually a bad idea, but still.

Lots of people give advice. Lots of people are full of crap. However, for what it’s worth, here are three things that have stuck with me. The first two are from my cousin, and the last is popularly attributed to Daniel Keys Moran, but there is an argument it’s from German Landsknechts from the 14th & 15th centuries.

So here they are, three things I try to remember and apply in daily.

It takes two seconds to be nice to people.
Despite my sense of humor and various anger-laced tirades, this is key. Be polite. Hold doors for people. Everybody has their problems, so if you can do anything to make the day easier for someone, go for it. It’s amazing how simply saying “thank you” can make a difference.

Think three steps ahead.
Honestly, most things can be resolved by simply looking at cause and effect. If you need to fix a sink, make sure the water is off. Saves a lot of time. Yes, you can over think then hit option paralysis or a state of panic, but three steps. Think it through.

You don’t really own anything you can’t carry on your back at a dead run.
This can be distilled down to “You only truly own what you can carry at a dead run” (the German Landsknechts version), but I like the sound of the DKM version better. Stop worrying about accumulating stuff. Yes, it may be hypocritical for me to say this as I have a lot of crap, but it’s just stuff. Would it suck to lose it? Sure. Would it kill me? Nope.

That’s it. Do what you will with it. But, you know, try the nice thing. It’s kinda important.

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