Now it’s just getting silly

Work bio, take three.

Patrick Graney was born a poor dirt farmer in the fields of Los Angeles. At age 4, he built his first computer, utilizing spare parts, earthworms, and a stolen credit card. By 7, he was a premier hacker, utilizing the original definition as “one who cuts or severs with repeated irregular or unskillful blows,” because how else does on farm dirt? At age 12 he was accepted into the prestigious California State Juvenile Correctional Facility, where in 4 years he excelled in avoiding gang rape.

Upon his release, there’s a 20 year gap where he’s off the grid. Jesus also had this gap, so we can only assume the circumstances were similar.

Patrick reappeared over 13 years ago when he took employment as a janitor/international man of mystery. He has shown initiative, drive, and a fine eye for creating forts out of just about any materials laying around.

In his spare time, he writes bios.

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