Congratulations on your decision to utilize air travel in the United States! Please be aware of our security measures to enhance the safety of all our passengers.


All checked baggage must be dropped off at the airport security station two days prior to departure. These bags will be subject to a thorough inspection by our highly trained, minimum wage workers. You will be issued a claim ticket for your final destination, where your bags may then be retrieved.

There will be a fee for this service.


On your departure date, please report to the security station three hours prior to departure. The security station is located five miles from the terminals. A courtesy shuttle bus will transport passengers to the Departure Lounge, located three miles away from the actual terminal.

Be advised that carry-on luggage is NOT allowed.

Upon arrival at the lounge, your identification will be checked and verified for authenticity, flight confirmed and boarding passes issued. Boarding passes and all identification will be placed in a clear, plastic pouch which is to be worn around the neck at all times. Any luggage claim receipts will also be placed in this pouch.

Passengers will then have the opportunity to purchase any magazines, books, gum, etc for their flight.

Once commerce is complete, passengers will be issued a mid-sized plastic bin and escorted to a private room. Under the gaze of two security employees (“Departure Hosts”) passengers will disrobe, placing all clothing and personal items in the bin.

Passengers will then be thoroughly searched for concealed items.

Upon completion a one-piece jumpsuit and slippers will be issued (rental and cleaning fees will be applied to your credit card). Recently purchased items will be returned along with a claim ticket for the bin. The ticket will be placed in the clear neck pouch and your carry-on items in a clear, plastic bag.

Departure Hosts will then ensure all credentials are accurate and placed securely in the pouch. Passengers will then be escorted to a waiting area. Once in waiting area, passengers will be assigned a seat in accordance with their flight and boarding position.

One hour prior to departure, a team of armed agents (“Transportation Guides”) will escort passengers to a bus, where they will board according to seat arrangement (back of the plane first, first class last).

Passengers will then be driven to the actual terminal. Passengers will disembark and be led to their departure gate, where credentials are once again verified.

Upon boarding, passengers will be escorted to their seat by in-flight personnel, who will ensure the Safety Harness* is properly positioned, comfortable and locked into place.

Should you require the use of the lavatory during the flight, in-flight personnel will unlock the harness and escort the passenger to the appropriate station.

Upon arrival**, this process will be reversed.

Thank you for flying!

* Think of a roller-coaster safety bar.

** In the event of a connecting flight, passengers will be required to pass through another security checkpoint.

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