This has to have been done. The idea can’t be original.

I forget where I read it or who said it about books (I want to credit Kelly Sue DeConnick but can’t find the actual link), but I’d really like to see a movie remade with the genders of the main characters swapped. The only script change would be pronouns. And I think the best film to do this with would be STAR WARS.

Think about it; it’s an iconic film that damn near every person on Earth at least has heard the name STAR WARS. It’s an ensemble, so not just one lead gets changed. We know the characters, their personalities, foibles, quirks, etc. It’s incredibly quotable. It’s old enough to have a direct impact on several generations. And imagine what it could do to help point out the inherent sexism inherent in American (and others, but I can only speak for where I live) society.

Han solo is now a roguish lady. Swagger, arrogance, and not a single line is changed. She shoots Greedo first.  She drives the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy and her sidekick is a Wookiee. Prince Luke is the brave, stubborn leader of the Rebel Alliance.  Leia Skywalker is raised on a moisture farm on planet somewhere between the ass-boil and buttcrack of the universe. You get the idea.

Here’s the thing – it’s the SAME MOVIE. Only the gender of the lead characters is different.

This can’t be an original idea, but I’d still like to see it and see what kind of discussion on sexism it creates.

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