Well this is new

My apartment may be haunted. When I first moved in, I hung a Great Divide Brewery sign by the front door, and a couple days later found the sign behind the place, but the nail was still in the wall. Never figured out how it got over there other than “weird wind gust” but that didn’t sit right.

Last night, the doorbell kept ringing, despite nobody being in the yard or near the place. This went on until about 1am.

So my haunting isn’t blood dripping walls or ominous threats of horrible demise, but more of a dead, drunk frat boy pranking me and high-fiving other spirits with a “YEAH, BRO, I got that pansy!”

So there’s that.

Oh, sure, wind, electrical short, science, logic. Nope. Drunk frat guy ghost. You can be jealous, it’s okay.

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